Why you need to become a Global Citizen and protect your wealth

If you've recently sold your business or had a significant liquidity event, then you should read this book.

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Here are a few examples of what you’ll discover in my latest book:

  • Page 2: "We’ll talk about not just tax havens, but about some wonderful places to live where there also happen to be tax and residency advantages."
  • Page 4: Invasion of the Money Snatchers
  • Page 6: "How do we respond to this growing, globally co-ordinated threat to our wealth? By going global ourselves."
  • Page 8: "At each Wealth Tier, you need to upgrade your coterie of advisers and start making different decisions about how you build, protect and transfer your wealth."
  • ​Page 14: "In today’s litigious and tax hungry world, wealth conservation needs to become one of our highest priorities."
  • ​Page 17: How to rank yourself as a Global Citizen 
  • ​​Page 18: Countries that welcome Global Citizens
  • Page 38: The most famous tax haven of them all.
  • Page 42: Where to start!


How politics is changing in developed countries and what that means in terms of new tax threats for people like you and I.

The world is turning to populist politics and we are the prime target to finance their fantasies. It’s partly a generational thing. When Jeremy Corbyn was feted as a rock star at the Glastonbury festival, it showed that it’s possible to exploit the naivety of youth with promises of a fairer world for ‘the many, not the few’.

The concept of becoming a Global Citizen and a quick test to see where you are now.

The key concept is mobility, so that you can migrate your skills, intellectual property, assets and business around the world at will. The cornerstone of mobility is living in multiple locations, or at least having the means to do so if circumstances dictate.

The concept of Meta Diversification you’ll not learn from any traditional financial advisor and how you can structure your assets to ensure stable, multi-generational wealth.

I mean viewing the earth from a spaceship and plotting how you can spread your wealth, your lifestyle and your tax residence around the planet in the most efficient way while not breaking any laws and ensuring that you live life in all its fullness.

The little known tax havens that are on our doorstep and are waiting to welcome us with a wonderful climate and a generous tax regime.

What many people don’t realise is that there are a handful of European countries which can be regarded as tax havens. Three of the best cases in point are Gibraltar on the southern tip of Spain, Montenegro on the opposite side of the Adriatic to Italy and Monaco on the southern tip of France.


Graham Rowan is an author, speaker and television presenter on the subject of wealth and the founder of Coterie, the private members club for people with a net worth of 5 million or higher. Graham has worked with hundreds of high net worth investors over the last decade to help them bring a new perspective to their wealth and the way they structure their assets.

When Graham reached 45 he decided to take control of his financial future as the so-called 'professionals' were not performing. He has now built a multiple 7 figure net worth and enjoys a 3 centre lifestyle as a Global Citizen. Recognising the big issue for those who experience a sudden increase in their wealth - they haven't prepared for the massive change it will force on them and they can end up feeling alone and afraid - Graham founded Coterie, a platform that will guide them through that transition. 

Graham helps high net worth families to acquire opulent homes and build their dream lifestyle in Europe's sunniest tax havens such as Monaco, Gibraltar and Montenegro.

As a trusted authority on the subject of wealth, Graham has been invited to appear at the following: 

Sky News, Politics Today, Money & Me (Sky channel 192), China's Trillion Dollar Secret and The 3 Steps To Financial Freedom
He has spoken at the United Nations in New York, Harvard Business School in Boston, both Houses of Parliament in the UK and at the World Wealth Creation Conference in Singapore alongside Jim Rogers and Brian Tracy. 
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