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Why you can’t rely on the people around you. 

Your life is in the process of changing in ways you could never have imagined 10 or 20 years ago. The problem is, the people around you couldn’t imagine it either! So how can you rely on them for help in your new circumstances?

Why you can’t afford to mess this up!

What you’re experiencing will almost certainly prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. The long term future for you and those you care about depends on the decisions you make over the next couple of years. Success starts with recognising the mistakes others have made and ensuring you don’t repeat them…    

You need to recognise that ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’.

When you’ve been the Big Cheese making all the decisions in your business, it’s not easy to admit that there are things you simply don’t know about. One of the things we hear the most is ‘why didn’t my accountant tell me that?’ Because he didn’t know it either, mainly because he has not been through the transition that you are engaged in. 

How to think and act like a Global Citizen

Changing how you think is a tough goal to set for one webinar. So let’s settle for opening your mind to the possibility of a new way of thinking that you can explore in more depth as a member of Coterie. If it’s not too cheesy to describe it like this, you are on a journey and I want to open your eyes to the fact that there’s more than one place to go. 

Bio on Graham

Graham Rowan is an author, speaker and television presenter on the subject of wealth and the founder of Coterie, the private members club for people with a net worth of 5 million or higher. Graham has worked with hundreds of high net worth investors over the last decade to help them bring a new perspective to their wealth and the way they structure their assets.

When Graham reached 45 he decided to take control of his financial future as the so-called 'professionals' were not performing. He has now built a multiple 7 figure net worth and enjoys a 3 centre lifestyle as a Global Citizen. Recognising the big issue for those who experience a sudden increase in their wealth - they haven't prepared for the massive change it will force on them and they can end up feeling alone and afraid - Graham founded Coterie, a platform that will guide them through that transition. 

Graham helps high net worth families to acquire opulent homes and build their dream lifestyle in Europe's sunniest tax havens such as Monaco, Gibraltar and Montenegro.

As a trusted authority on the subject of wealth, Graham has been invited to appear at the following: 

Sky News, Politics Today, Money & Me (Sky channel 192), China's Trillion Dollar Secret and The 3 Steps To Financial Freedom

He has spoken at the United Nations in New York, Harvard Business School in Boston, both Houses of Parliament in the UK and at the World Wealth Creation Conference in Singapore alongside Jim Rogers and Brian Tracy. 
Graham Rowan
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